Month: May 2018


10 reasons to choose African print dresses this summer

1) You may have unique and great quality products

When you compare African print products you find that they are high-quality fashion products. The nature of African products is such that they can be manufactured in limited amount and not more than that.

2) Support for home-based African industries and making employment opportunities

african fashion styles - West_African_Beauty_Contest

African fashion styles – West_African_Beauty_Contest

African print dresses have helped well in the growth of local clothing industries and have created many opportunities for employment. It has given rise to tailor shops, fabric dyers, fabric printers as well as weavers. All these arrangements have left a positive effect on education and learning industry, finance and healthcare amenities.

3) Encouragement of African fashion designs

Many fashion designers have contacted us because they wanted to know about African design as well as cloth stocks. If you face a global demand then you can fulfill it by hiring more fashion designers. In this way, you can provide them with opportunities to show their talents.

4) Keep others optimistic

With African clothing and fashion trend, you can keep people think in an optimistic way. In this way, you can make do the right thing and avoid wastage of time.

5) Interfering in new fashion trends

10_African_Print_Dresses_For_This_Summer African fashion

10_African_Print_Dresses_For_This_Summer African fashion

If you investigate in new fashion trends then you can know which kind of clothing in Africa could suit the best for you. If you grow such an industry then it can assume the form of a charity industry that can help downtrodden masses of Africa financially.

6) Make a great difference in your fashion trends

I came across a very expert Italian fashion designer he was from the main clothing stream. He made a combination of African and Italian fashion design. Yet he preferred African printouts that made a great difference. Many people in Africa ask us where the brands of local designers of African fashion are. Let us nourish and support them.

7) Keep on avoiding stereotype clothing

We can create clothing industry that is based on our ethics prevailing in the fashion market. We can also wait for the commencement of any kind of Multinational Corporation to work in its own way. Today many international fashion enterprises are planning to invest their money in African clothing industry. They have pure intentions.

8) Competition on the international level

If you follow the policy of product quality assurance then you can also assure customers of excellent services and reasonable price offers. All products can be delivered on the international level with the feeling of fair business and commercial competition.

9) African fashion dresses are cool

10_African_Print_Dresses_For_This_Summer African fashion

10_African_Print_Dresses_For_This_Summer African fashion

Yeah! African print dresses are too cool. They are superior to other clothing in a different way.

10) Affordable price range makes a great difference

Most buyers on the international level love wearing African print dresses in summer because they are available in the market at affordable price ranging. This makes a great difference.


African print dresses define African clothing and fashion in a different way. It is amazing to know that Africa is a unique continent with 55 countries that have made great progress in fashion and clothing industry. These clothing depict the art and culture of Africa as well as traditions.


10 Reasons Why African Fashion Is Taking The World By Storm

Whatever the case may be, the likelihood is you’ve noticed something; African Fashion is growing. But why may have eluded you up till now.

Below I will describe the 10 key reasons why I think that African Fashion has experienced this recent boom. And why, in my opinion, this is only the beginning.

1. More and more of the African Diaspora are returning home, starting fashion-focused businesses

Many in the diaspora have decided that now is the time to return home and start up on their own. Fashion is a very popular sector for many starting a new business, as this is one of the lowest cost, most well-known businesses that can be started on the continent.

African fashion styles

African fashion style

Social media makes it easier than ever to spread enthusiasm and create new interest in African Fashion as a by-product. An example of this can be found with Roz’Umy Couture in Senegal, whose Senegalese founder previously worked in the corporate world, but now produces some of the best traditional clothing in West Africa today. One of the company’s clients is the current President of Nigeria!

2. Social media has enabled greater exposure of African clothing

The ease and reach to which things can be shared and people can be reached has lead to a much broader range of tastes being served. This can be referred to as the ‘Long Tail’ of African Fashion so to speak. So that even those who previously did not really have interest, due to not seeing anything they liked, now have abundant choices.

3. The African Diaspora (especially millennials) are re-learning and re-engaging with their culture

The increased interest over the last few years (due in large part to the increased availability of information from sources such as YouTube and Wikipedia), have lead to many in the African diaspora re-engaging and re-learning their culture. And that includes Fashion.

4. Western fashion has started to incorporate African-inspired ideas

You could hardly watch a model walking down a cat-walk in 2015 without seeing at least some African influence. It is no longer rare to see a Dashiki or Kente colored cloth in major fashion shows and parties around Europe nowadays.

5. Celebrities have begun to embrace African fashion

Celebrities such as Chris Brown and Beyonce have been spotted wearing traditional Dashikis and other African clothing. And as we all know, no-one is a better publicist for fashion than celebrities.

6. Afro-beats has led to increased interest in all aspects of contemporary African culture

And as you might imagine, African culture also includes African fashion. The magnifying glass has been put on African culture in a big way. Interest in contemporary Fashion on the continent is an obvious by-product.

7. The rise of African Art has lead to an increased interest in these things too

African art on its own has seen a huge resurgence in recent years. With many paying millions for the most sought after items in the space. As with the example of Afro-beat, this increased appreciation has a parallel effect on other related areas, such as the Fashion sector.

8. African Fashion is worn more often by people in the Diaspora, leading to more recognition and appreciation

It is now seen as fashionable to wear African-inspired clothing in everyday life. More and more people are being drawn into the niche due to the simple fact that they see others that they know (or in some cases don’t), wearing these clothes.

9. Increased political consciousness has lead ultimately to an interest in culture

With an increased consciousness of issues that affect black people around the world, such as police brutality, many have in sought answers to the question of how we got here and found a new appreciation for the culture and traditions of the past. Fashion and style of dress being a big part of that.

10. The rise of African cinema (Nollywood in particular)

African cinema’s growth, through channels such as YouTube, and VOD platforms such as iRoko TV has massively encouraged the growth of the African fashion sector. With many of the stars in the space regularly showcasing the best the continent has to offer.